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Boundary Survey Service

A boundary survey marks the property lines of a lot. These are typically staked out with orange flags to designate the boundaries.

Fort Myers Land Surveyors has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate boundary survey.

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A boundary survey is the most typical service that a land surveyor provides. This provides the property owner with details of the exact boundaries of the property. Utilizing our expertise and surveying tools to accurately establish the property boundaries and mark the corners, we are able to provide a detailed survey report that can be used for legal and practical purposes.

Reasons to get a boundary survey

Property Purchase

Knowing the exact boundaries of the property is a critical step for a real estate purchase. It is important to ensure that the land being purchased is as described.

Fence Installation

It is crucial to construct a fence within the property boundaries to avoid encroaching onto neighboring properties. A boundary survey ensures compliance with local regulations.

Property Improvement or Landscaping

Homeowners planning to make improvements to their property, such as adding structures, driveways, or landscaping features, benefit from a boundary survey. The survey allows homeowners to complete projects without encroaching onto adjacent properties.

Title Insurance

Title insurance companies often require a boundary survey to issue a policy, allowing for appropriate coverage and protection.

Construction or Development

A boundary survey ensures that the proposed project remains within the property limits, adheres to zoning regulations, and avoids encroachments onto neighboring properties.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can arise between neighbors regarding property lines. A boundary survey can help to resolve those disputes.

Deliverable to the customer on a Boundary Survey Report

Property Description

A legal property description includes information such as lot numbers, metes and bounds, and reference points.

Survey Plat

A survey plat is a detail drawing showing the boundary lines and measurements. The locations and descriptions of physical markers or monuments found or set during the survey are also indicated.

Easements and Encroachments

The boundary survey report may include information of the locations, dimensions, and descriptions of any recorded easements or encroachments affecting the property boundaries.

Legal and Regulatory Information

Relevant legal documents, such as deeds, plats, or easement agreements, that are pertinent to the property boundaries, as well as local or state regulations or zoning restrictions that impact the property.

Surveyor’s Certification

The survey plat is signed and sealed by the licensed land surveyor who conducted the survey. This certifies that the information presented is accurate and in compliance with applicable surveying standards and regulations.

What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey identifies the legal boundaries of a piece of property. A surveyor uses measuring tools and surveying techniques to accurately define the lines of a property.

This survey is commonly used when purchasing, selling, or developing a property. The boundary survey prevents conflicts and misunderstandings between neighboring landowners.

The surveyor will physically inspect the land to locate existing boundary markers. If the markers are missing, the surveyor will place new markers. The surveyor will also research deeds and other public records related to the property.

The customer will receive a detailed map, also known as a plat, depicting the property lines, boundary markers, and any relevant measurements and legal descriptions.

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