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Construction Layout Survey

A construction layout survey prior to the start of construction will ensure that the build is precisely placed and all subcontractors execute their component correctly.

Fort Myers Land Surveyors has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate construction layout survey.

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A construction layout survey is completed prior to the start of construction. The surveyor will place stakes in the ground to accurately mark the location of features that will be built. This provides the contractor and all subcontractors the details of the exact boundaries the build and their individual components. Utilizing our expertise and surveying tools, we are able to provide an accurate construction layout survey for construction purposes.

Reasons to get a construction layout survey

Accurate Placement of Structures

Necessary to ensures that buildings, additions, and any new construction are positioned accurately according to the design plans. The construction layout survey helps contractors ensure that construction is in the correct location and orientation.

Foundation and Footing Layout

The survey marks the locations and dimensions of foundations and footings for buildings to ensure that the foundation is aligned with the design plans.

Road and Infrastructure Alignment

Construction layout surveys provide the proper grades, curves, and dimensions for the construction of roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and other infrastructure.

Utility Placement

Accurately mark the locations and depths of utilities, such as water lines, sewer lines, electrical conduits, and communication cables to prevent potential conflicts and damage to utilities.

Site Grading and Earthworks

The survey helps implement the site grading plan to ensure proper drainage, erosion control, and landform creation.

Structural Alignment and Verticality

Verifies the structure and its components vertical alignment to ensure that the construction is built straight and true.

As-Built Documentation

The survey provides a record of the project’s final layout, which is essential for future reference, maintenance, and renovations.

What is a construction layout survey?

A construction layout survey provides a detailed map to serve as a blueprint for builders by locating the precise placement of each element of the development. The survey is conducted prior to work starting on the project.

The surveyor translates the architect’s or engineer’s plans into physical markers at the building site. These markers are set at the locations of walls, corners, doors, windows, and other significant components. This is done to ensure that the construction adheres to the planned design.

After the project has begun, the surveyor will revisit the construction site to ensure the specified requirements are being met. This ensures that the building progresses according to the plan.

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