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Topographical Survey

A topographical survey provides a three dimensional representation of land contours. This type of survey  is necessary prior to any construction project.

Fort Myers Land Surveyors has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate topographical survey

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A topographical survey will be valuable prior to any construction project. This provides the property owner with details of the natural elevations and natural features of the property. Utilizing our expertise and surveying tools to accurately establish the elevations, we are able to provide a detailed survey report that can be used for legal and practical purposes.

Reasons to get a topographical survey

Property Development

Topographic surveys are necessary for development projects. The data of elevations, contours, and physical features helps in the design and planning process. Accurate site plans can be created by engineers and architects.

Site Planning and Design

This survey data is important for determining locations for buildings, parking lots, landscaping, and other site amenities.

Landscaping and Outdoor Design

Landscaping or outdoor design for homeowners and property owners when selecting and placing plants, hardscape features, outdoor living areas, and other landscape elements.

Floodplain Analysis

Elevation data that helps determine flood-prone areas and identify flood hazards is vital for flood insurance, floodplain management, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Drainage and Grading

By providing information on slopes, contours, and existing drainage features, engineers are able to design appropriate grading plans and drainage systems. The new designs will prevent flooding, erosion, and water-related issues during and after construction.


Excavation projects need to know the existing levels and volumes of the land for cut and fill calculations, ensuring balanced earthwork operations and proper site preparation.

Environmental Assessments

Wetlands, water bodies, vegetation, and other sensitive environmental features are identified to ensure that development projects adhere to environmental regulations and minimize ecological disturbances.

Infrastructure Projects

The survey data assists in construction for infrastructure projects such as roadways, bridges, utilities, and pipelines.

What is a topographical survey?

A topographical survey is a special type of land survey performed to create a detailed map of the physical features and elevations of a property. The goal is to understand the unique characteristics of the terrain.

To perform a topographical survey, the surveyor gathers data points using GPS devices, laser instruments, and traditional measuring tools. Elevation changes, such as hills and slopes, are detailed. Additionally, water bodies, vegetation, buildings, and any other significant features are mapped out

A topographical survey map is used by architects and engineers to design buildings and structures that fit with the natural landscape. City planners need these surveys to develop roads and infrastructure that work with the terrain.

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