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Elevation Certificate

Elevation Certificates are important in flood prone areas like Fort Myers and all of Lee County. These surveys mark the property’s lowest point of elevation in relation to the flood zone, which is primarily used for flood insurance purposes.

Fort Myers Land Surveyors has the expertise and tools to provide an elevation certificate.

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The National Flood Insurance Program requires an elevation certificate for new flood insurance policies. Additionally, elevation certificates are required prior to any construction project, to be submitted to Florida Division of Emergency Management. The elevation certificate must be completed by a licensed surveyor.

In Fort Myers, and all of Lee, County, elevation certificates are necessary, and can be provided by a locally licensed surveyor.

Reasons to get an elevation certificate

Flood Insurance

An Elevation Certificate is almost always required for flood insurance coverage. The certificate provides essential data about the property, such as the Base Flood Elevation (BFE), which determines the flood risk and is used to calculate flood insurance rates.

Building Permit

Lee County regulations require property owners to provide an Elevation Certificate when applying for a building permit, specifically in a Special Flood Hazard Area

Property Sale and Disclosure

Having an Elevation Certificate can provide valuable information to potential buyers in Fort Myers.

What is an elevation certificate?

An elevation certificate is a document prepared by a surveyor that provides information about the elevation of a property. This information is used to determine potential flood risks for that property.

Many insurance companies require an elevation certificate to determine flood insurance premiums. Flood insurance may be necessary, or even required in flood zones as determined by FEMA. The elevation certificate helps the insurance company calculate the appropriate coverage and cost.

The surveyor measures the height of your home’s floor, foundation, and other important points. This is correlated to the nearby water sources and risk and elevation of floods. The surveyor creates a detailed map that shows the property’s elevation in relation to the flood zones designated by the government.

To see the flood zone map covering Fort Myers and all of Lee County, click here. The map provides and explanation of all flood zone codes, as well as a resource to find details about your property.

Contact Fort Myers Land Surveyors to survey your property for your official elevation certificate.

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